Mission of Our Lady of the Angels: Convent Update
The Angelus
sung by The Daughters of St. Paul
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WHERE WE WERE-JULY 27, 2009 (below)
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Our Lady of the Angels

Watch over and protect all those who come to this Mission for help
and all those who make this Mission possible.
The Convent  
Remember the old
windows? (left)   40 new
windows were installed
which drastically cut Fr.
Bob's heating bill for the
convent. Thanks to the
Many, many others came to help with the convent renovation - from  trades, businesses, church
groups, university groups, families, friends and  individuals who just wanted to be part of something
really good.  Those you see pictured here are those who just happened to be on site when your
friendly web master was visiting the Mission.

Again-- thank you to EVERYONE who has made it possible to get this far.
Your kindness and generosity will be remembered.
It took
many weeks to
repair more than
90 radiators and
the boiler.  
Many kind and generous people stepped forward to donate their time, talent
and resources to renovate the Convent, and we finally have the end in sight.  
Fr. Bob is very appreciative.  
Thank God! Our Lady has been
rescued and properly restored.
She is no longer a clock holder
as she was before we took
back the convent.
The lovely green cupboards to the left had been refinished and the kitchen was
starting to take shape (above).
The pews were removed for refinishing while the chapel was gutted for renovation.  
The dilapidated old dining room and sitting rooms were gutted, walls repaired, windows
replaced, and wiring redone.  In addition, a lot of work that cannot be seen on the surface
was done, including electrical,  plumbing, piping, and ductwork.  Fr. Bob can hardly wait for
the work to be completed! (Pics left to right- before/now. )
The sleeping rooms which looked like the ones above, are starting to look like the one below.
The Chapel looks terrific!
The small dining rooms are inviting.
The floors, walls, & ceilings look new.

The kitchen is ready to feed the hungry,
and the bedrooms are ready to provide  
rest for the weary.

The bathrooms have all been renovated.
Our Volunteers in Action
NONE of this would have been possible without all of our wonderful
volunteers only a few of which you see pictured here.
On May 30, a few volunteers took a break from their holiday weekend to gather in prayer and Thanksgiving with His
Eminence Francis Cardinal George for all the donors and volunteers who have helped to renovate the convent.  
The Cardinal blessed the volunteers and the Convent.
Mass photos
were taken in
church which
we are
Volunteers continued to come to the Mission- regularly and faithfully.  If you have a willing
heart and can lift a paint brush, you are perfectly suited to help out!  (Wear old clothes.)  

On the other hand,  some of the work required the skill and talent of true professionals. Some
of the work was fairly dramatic, like when the roofing company delivered the materials for the

Fr. Bob is grateful to all of the trades and unions which have really come through to help on
the Convent, just as many did with the rectory. Some are listed here. More have expressed an
interest in helping in the future. (I hope I didn't forget one. If so, please shoot me an e-mail at
    Bricklayers Local 21
    Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters
    Carpenters Labor Management Committee
    Carpenters Apprentice Training Program
    Illinois Regional Insulation Contractors Association
    Heat and Frost Insulators Local 17
    Pipe Fitters Local 597 Apprentice Training Program
    Plasterers Local 5 Apprentice Training Program
    Plumbers Local 130 Apprentice Training Program
    Plumbing Council of Chicago
    Local 130 Plumbers
    Great Lakes Plumbing

So many individuals, companies, churches, universities and other groups have contributed to
the work at the convent, either with old fashioned hard work, with donations of materials or
with money to help buy the materials needed.   EVERYONE'S contribution has been greatly