Convent Retreat Facilities
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

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Need a nice place to  contemplate and refresh your soul?
Come to the Mission, as a group to volunteer or for a retreat.

If your group would like to make arrangements
to hold a retreat or other event at the Mission,
call Fr. Bob at  (773) 486-8431

Come Soon!

Would you like to set aside some time to
renew your relationship with the Lord?

Come to Our Lady's  Mission.
The Convent at the Mission is a perfect place
for your parish, religious group/organization
or college group to come for a service project
or a retreat.

Not everyone is called to make a service trip
to a foreign country. Some are called to serve
right here in the USA, helping our neighbors.
That could be you and your group!

If you feel called to serve, we guarantee that
there are people who live in the vicinity of the
Mission who can use your help.

Or, if you just want to gather with your group
for some spiritual enrichment, come visit us!

If your group would like to make arrangements
to hold a retreat or other event at the Mission,
call Fr. Bob at  (773)486-8431

(Our cute nuns like the company!!!)
If, instead,  you go straight ahead, you will head into the dining room,
which then leads to the fully renovated, modern kitchen and pantry.
Come on in, and let us show you around....
When you enter the front door, if
you turn right, you will head into
the beautiful little chapel.  
If you come here to pray, please say a
prayer for the many volunteers and
donors who restored this chapel.
A lot of good kids spent a lot of time scraping green paint off these cabinets!
Turn right from the entrance and at
the end of the hall you will find a
large sitting room where your
group can meet and even break
into small groups.
Along that same hall are a couple of other smaller rooms that can be used for small
groups, and in the basement is another very large and comfortable sitting room.
Now, let's head upstairs.  You say, "Hey, that's just a picture of a stairwell..."  
NO, no, no.... YOU ARE SO WRONG IF YOU THINK THAT IS ALL THIS IS!   THIS is a work of love.  
Week after week volunteers came and scrubbed, sanded, patched walls, fix railings and painted each and every stairwell. This
is no ordinary stairwell. It is a stairway to Heaven.  Let it help you find Heaven on earth.
Upstairs, you will find neatly appointed
bedrooms that sleep up to 34, as well as
modern laundry and bathroom facilities.
And here's the really cool part: there's a rooftop deck! Woo hoo!
(Can't you just picture yourself sitting out here late at night contemplating the mysteries of life.  
You might then sneak down to the chapel to say a little goodnight prayer to our Father, before heading to your comfy bed.)