Sweets 4 the Spirit
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Here are some baking tips you may not know.  We want your desserts to turn out as great
as ours.

1.  If the recipe calls for large eggs, use large eggs. Not jumbo or extra large. The recipe is made for a
certain amount of liquid. Larger eggs will change the texture.

2. If your cookies turn out black on the bottom, it might not be your fault at all. It could easily be the
equipment. We don't care for most of those (rather expensive) new fangled non-stick darker cookie
sheets. The dark sheets draw the heat and seem to cause the bottoms of the cookies to burn. Stick to
the nice inexpensive shiny aluminum pans.  Use the spray crisco to grease the sheets.

3.  If one of our recipes calls for 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup butter-flavored crisco, if you want the
cookie to turn out right, use that ratio.  If you use 1 cup of butter, the cookie will be flatter. If you use all
crisco, the cookie will be fatter--higher.  If you use half of each, the cookie will be just right!

4.  Set the timer for a few minutes less than the recipe calls for and check to see how they are doing.
You do not want them to be brown on top. They will be too dry. You just want the peaks to be lightly
brown and the cookie nicely puffed. The edges of the bottom of the cookies will also just start to be
lightly brown.  This is a very tender moment. You must get good at knowing when to take them out of
the oven.  This is what determines if the cookie will be soft and chewy or dry and hard. So be
attentive.  (Don't go crazy opening the oven door though...)  

5.   Finally for all of the recipes on this web site, you will need the "secret ingredient:"   LOVE.   Now
where do you find this ingredient? Hmmm. Not in a grocery store. No,  The best way to be assured you
have a steady supply on hand for baking is to plant a seed  within your heart and let it grow.  Then use
it abundantly. Baking for others is an art and an act of love.   

Chocolate Carmel
Layer Bars

If you have a question about a recipe, send an E-mail to the
almost-24-hour-baking-hotline... IrishNet@aol.com
If you have a favorite recipe you think we should try, send it to me too.  Our young
Sisters need to build up their repertoire!

Your Web Master  : )

White ChocolateMacadamia Nut
Cookies (or any other kind of chip
cookie.)   Click
Look No Further for a
Brownie Recipe. Click Here
Triple Chocolate Brownies
with Caramel Swirls!

Williamsburg Pie
(a delicious custard type rum
flavored creamy pie - so yum)

Cardinal George came to see the good work being done at the Mission and share
an Advent meal with Father Bob and our new Franciscan community. After dinner,
he toured the church and then returned to the rectory for dessert.  The Cardinal
was so pleased with the progress, and he is grateful to all those who have helped
rebuild the church.  We thought you might enjoy the recipes for the desserts
served that night.

Please remember our entire Mission family in your prayers this holiday,
as we pray for all of our volunteers, donors and those we serve in the
neighborhood.  Thank you for a great 2011.

His Eminence, Francis Cardinal George enjoys a meal
with our young Franciscan family at the Mission!  
We think your family might enjoy these recipes too.
Here are a few of my other favorites served at past Mission events.
White Chocolate Delight
(aka White Trash)
2015 Additions!