Are you the one God has sent to reach this child?
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

"The Call of a Disciple
is to Follow-

A disciple is one who
patterns his or her life
on the life of a master.

In the case of
Christianity, our master
is Jesus of Nazareth,
the Christ. What he
taught, how he lived,
the things he valued
are to be the measure
for what we believe,
how we live and the
things we value.

Baptized in Christ and
confirmed in his Spirit,
we become members
of his Eucharistic body.
Within this context, we
strive to live lives that
are grounded in
holiness and truth."

"Disciples are sent
as apostles to
proclaim Christ-

We are formed as
disciples so that we may
be sent as apostles.

While a disciple is one
who follows, an apostle is
one who is sent.

As an apostolic Church,
we have been sent out
into the world to proclaim
Christ to the ends of the

Each member of the
Church is in someway
responsible for this
"Above all the Gospel must be proclaimed by witness."
December 8, 1975

Take a Christian or a handful of
Christians who, in the midst of their
own community, show their capacity
for understanding and acceptance,
their sharing of life and destiny with
other people, their solidarity with the
efforts of all for
whatever is noble and good.

Let us suppose that, in addition, they
radiate in an altogether simple and
unaffected way their faith in values
that go beyond current values, and
their hope in something that is not
seen and that one would not dare to

Through this wordless witness these
Christians stir up irresistible
questions in the hearts of those who
see how they live:

Why are they like this?
Why do they live in this way?
What or who is it that inspires them?
Why are they in our midst?

Such a witness is already a silent
proclamation of the Good News
and a very powerful and effective one.

Here we have an initial act of


Among the witnesses present to help with the mobile food pantry
on June 7, 2008, with their families,  were members of the
Knights of Columbus, Arlington Heights Chapter.

Young Adults make GREAT witnesses!!

This Vincentian Young Adult group led by Sr. Theresa Sullivan of the Daughters of Charity
were also witnesses to the Gospel message as they served at the Mission on June 7.

"Formed as disciples, we are also sent forth to announce the Good News of salvation in Christ.

Responding to this invitation, we first need to recall that each member has a very unique role in
this mission of the Church. No other person shares the exact time and space in history nor the
specific circumstances in which each of us lives.

No other person has the exact same talents or the exact personality.
Each of us shares Christ in a way that only we can share him.
We must never discount the significance of our role in witnessing to Christ."

All quotes in this box  taken from Formed as Disciples: Sent as Apostles, by
Bishop Michael Warfel, of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, Montana.
Spacing modified from original text to accommodate page.

How are you unique?

What are your talents and gifts?
Oh yes! You are gifted!
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Now think about the
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels
and the people we serve.
Think about their lives and how they
might need

Think about your talents and how you
might help AND don't limit yourself.
The first time your web master came
to the Mission, I scrubbed 50 years of
dirt off the basement floor in the
rectory on my hands and knees.  
That was what needed to be done
that day.

But then I thought:  Fr. Bob has
supporters all across the country and
even elderly who can't necessarily
come to the Mission regularly.  Those
who love the Mission, Our Lady of
the Angels and Fr. Bob need a way to
keep up with what is happening so
they can share in the joy.

I thought:  "He needs a web site!" I
quickly realized that cost money... So
one day about two years ago, I woke
up and said, "I think I'll teach myself
to build websites!"  I typically can't
even turn on our TV.
Too many buttons.  

I went to the computer and followed
directions, one step at a time-- and
that is how this web site was born.  
It's not fancy, but it serves the
purpose.   Before that day, I never
imagined I would know how to build
web sites. That is definitely not my
day job!

So come visit the Mission. You have
been specially prepared for some
work God is calling you to do.
Look around and see how you might
help. You might get inspired and find
you have a new talent or skill. There
will be many opportunities to
contribute to the good work being
done at the Mission, and
you are needed.

We hope to see you soon!

If not, please pray for the success of
the work at the Mission.

We'll meet up later - at that heavenly
banquet prepared for all of us,
including the friends we serve in
Humboldt Park.

P.S. Start evangelizing today, by sharing
this website with your friends and family.  
We would love to  see you all here this
summer!  Come join us.
Put some joy in your life and theirs.

To become involved, call Fr. Bob at
The best gifts:  Willing hearts,  willing
hands and a friendly smile!
At the Mission, we give and we
receive.  And yes, sometimes we get
tired. Very tired. It feels good.
Come visit  soon!